The 2secs knockdown in Blade & Soul

X already has an upgrade for 2secs knockdown. The change is made for pve I think so you can get a guaranteed stun or guaranteed knockdown. Currently, it acts weird if you use it to interupt a boss, because it’ll sometimes do a stun or a knockdown, depending on when you use it during the animation, which makes it annoying as shit if you’re trying to double CC yourself. Like KD X is crap on Bloodmane as a result cause sometimes it stuns so you don’t interupt.

Removing the casting part doesn’t change much for pvp either as it will still stun when used against a defending enemy, and KD the rest of the time(or stun all the time if you spec for that, depending on matchup). It’s a very slight leveling nerf, kinda.

On Tab, I think he was talking about pvp, where obviously you’d get the daze. In PvE, you get the focus one, and so that part is a small buff to Buy Blade And Soul Gold. Goes from 3 to 4 when it doesn’t crit, but still 6 when it crits and since you’ll have like 65-70%crit at 50, it’s like, not a huge change.

And yeah fire spec is probably not going to be a thing until they add a fire Lightning Draw(which obviously would need to be named something else). Hell it’s surprising they didn’t, there’s already a lightning draw form no one uses, the 3rd one which can be used again on crit. Just make it fire, call it Flame Draw, bam done.

In what, PvE or PvP? PvE they’re just fine, you’re tanking, and the damage is very solid once you reach 50+% base crit(which goes to like 60% in draw stance). Don’t have the KFM buff so that’s annoying, but realistically it makes no difference in current content almost, and with warlock coming it won’t be near as much an issue I think(although you can still get better uptime if you have 2 bufers).

PvP they’re not gonna change skills based on 45 balance, that’d be pointless. Once we get all the hongmoon skills and more points, BMs will be fine. They’re “ok” now, just not a good matchup against summoners in current state and summoners being half the pvp population makes it shittier than it’d be if there was an even class distribution.

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