Warlock is powerful in Blade & Soul

Now that Warlock is coming out and I will finally be able to move to my main class, I’d like to transfer a lot of items to it from my current main. Both of these chars are on the same account (NC Account).

I have heard many complaints of people getting flagged for RWTing if they have sent their alts money, items, etc. In my case I have farmed over 500-600 gold (soulstones, dailies, etc) and I’d like to transfer it all.

Is this really punishable and will an automatic system pick BNS Gold up? I mean, its pretty stupid because if it does that means that I have just “bought gold” from myself…

Does anyone have any insight on this? Also, I am not interested in talking to NCSupport as those guys clearly will just put me off with an automatic response and I’d rather hear from the community here what your experiences were with this.

People who spread these rumors about banned because they bought or traded X amount of qty item. Those who end up banned, did something else and they know very well what they did.

I can tell you I have transfered over 400g to a friends char because i sold all scrolls we dropped so far and i split it with him. I doubt I got flagged or that a banhammer is on it’s way. So i wouldn’t worry to much on the many misinformatioins from complainers.

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