Guild Wars 2 Suggestion:Grandfather Clause

So, I’ve been doing my best to… come to terms with the new leveling scheme and my love of alts and the 1-20 stories. While I was letting the steam burn off I used up some of the last of the summer membership on Runescape a friend got me that I didn’t like very much but felt obligated to play because I didn’t want to waste his money.

And there it was: Classic version.

It’s not like the code for the old story/leveling system doesn’t exist anymore, or that there isn’t plenty of precedent for the privilege. Those of us who bought the game extra early still get a reward in the Hero’s Band every time we start an alt. People with linked GW1 accounts have access to titles others don’t. There’s plenty of S1 living story content I missed because I couldn’t log on and so I’ll never get those rewards. Seeing as we vets are the ones who are most upset about the changes, I think it’s possible to not split the baby on this one.

If your account was purchased prior to the 9/9/14 patch, then you have the option of retaining the original personal story and level unlocks

This won’t give PvE vets any advantage over new ones – we’re not competing with them, and if anything, not being able to sell things to them on the trading post limits one of our previous cash flows. PvP already uplevels to 80, and WvW uplevels always had severe limitations when it came to equipment and abilities, so it’s not like it changes gameplay in any other aspect. Meanwhile, I can go back to challenging myself to find creative ways to beat 1-20 stories at the lowest possible levels and with even more limited equipment and buffs. And the people who like this system can choose to go with it.

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