My AST in Final Fantasy XIV

I just got my AST to 60 finally… sadly, the last part was long and painful journey through the libary – I actually love that dungeon so I was looking forward to it! But now… I have to share some stories because otherwise I wont be able to sleep tonight, boiling with so much anger…

1) First run! Got a paladin with 10k HP… wait, I ask myself, why does he has nearly as much HP as the dragoon, thats weird? Turns out hes one of those “only-str”-tanks, well, okay I can deal with that, he’ll use cooldowns, right? …nope, he wont… because I wanna help deeps a bit I switch cleric on and off anyways… sadly, and I have to admit it was my fault, he dies and is freaking out on me that I should stop dpsing since its not my job and that I shouldnt mess around with cards but only heal him… at that point I ask him for str-gear, because, well after all he is a tank, right?! Been told that every tank is using str-jewls now – I’m already pissed and reply with “yeah and every healer is dpsing today, so whats your problem?” We’re making our way to the second boss, I have yet to see a CD – asking him about that a few times and been told that he wont need Final Fantasy XIV Gil and that I’m only a lzay dps-healer for asking for them. Yup, lazy, for not only casting my 2 healing spells. Takling a deeeeeep breath at that point. Apologized for his death and admit that I was trying to use a skill I wasnt familiar yet because I just got it (the bubble didnt had the effect I was hoping for…), tell him that I main paladin and I’m mostly using CDs to allow my healer to help dps if he could do so aswell, please?

…and… the miracle happens… hes behaving like an adult – doesnt say a word but there they are! All the pretty, shiney, paladin-cooldowns I’ve been missing so much!
Sadly, the bard wasnt that clever – he kept his ballad up for the whole run even though I told him four times that I dont need it…

2) Second run! Quite smooth – but our dragoon is using the lb on the first boss, really no big deal, it will be back before we even reach boss 2, let alone the last one. Ninjas blames him, I explain why its no problem at all and he explains that he has been told off before doing so… so instead of using his brain and adepted that reasoning to call other people out – gg!

3) Third run! A warrior tank this time, totall undergeared – still a bit of AF2, poetics and strat-gear, a level 54 axe… well, not so great… constantly loosing aggro aswell – to me, the dps, everyone… but we will manage, right?! …nope, we wont, not with this tank at least – he got his war to 60 right before the first boss and bails… managed to get a friend in and had the most beautiful libary-run after all!

4) Last one! Everything seems fine so far… but I noticed that mobs are dying extremly sloooow… dragoon is lagging, so might be because of that? Turns he out he isnt only lagging but also has NO idea about how to play his class. Kepping heavy thrust up is the best I can say about him… no dots, no debuffs, no buffs, no heart of the dragon (the new HW-skill, not sure if its really called that?). I ask for it, because mobs not dying makes me nervous. Hes using them for like 2 pulls? after we finished the dungeon within an hour(!) I advice him to look into his dragoonskills again, because he could improve by quite a bit… getting the (sadly) normal response “Dont tell me how to play!” – I knew I would get that, still makes me angry because I’m so sick of people close/at level 60 that doesnt have a clue about how to play their class – if you cant do more than 1, 2, 3 go, level bard, dont pick one of the hardest jobs in the game, please…

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