when they promoted as an old school mmo

i am afraid this is inevitable. Many of you guys forget Cheap Albion Online Gold that this is promoted “multiplaform”, and they want those casual non gamers money from mobile/tablets (otherwise they wouldn’t concentrated on this stupid hipster platform madness). So you “might” expect more dumb down and instant gratification.

i wouldn’t be surprise in 6/12 months, they will do an 180 and casualise the game to get more income from average non cultured mmo gamers, and forget their supporters who actually supported the game with their money, but who knows, it really does not make sense. “Hey guys! We are making an old school mmo, but with a UI, graphics, maps and control for mobiles”. See the problem?

It bugs the mind, when they promoted as an old school mmo, but they redirect resources to port it on mobile. Its a huge contradiction…and those players will come here and forums and scream for changes to suit their gameplay style, its already happening with WOW/themepark players.

So future is unclear, since multiplatform on mobile/tablets contradicts anything they promised from the start. You cannot make a old school mmo, when you want casual mobile players to play it, unless on mobile you have just a handy app, that maybe helps you manage your island, inventory, sales whatever. Just a helper app.

So yeah, the mess was clear from the start, i remember watching the home page, reading the features, and saying “yeah this might be cool” and it is to some point, and then seeing the mobile/tablets and wondering WTF is in these people minds? Do they think people bought this and supported this game to play on mobile/tablets?

Also because of this madness from the start, we have a shitty UI, limited skills, hack and slash maps, and lots of missing basic features that are given even in those trash asian mmos, so yeah its pretty weird and uncertain what will happen.

You cannot make a mmo that will please everybody, get that in your mind designer and suits! You can make niche mmos that can survive, see EVE Online, or trash theme park mmos that die quite quick, beside WOW because blizzard playerbase and because good timing… So make up your mind, oh its kinda late Albion Online Power Leveling for that lol.

Yeah, time will tell, i am just confused, and probably the devs are too now lol

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