The incompetent Blade Dancers and Destroyers right now are getting by due to some seemingly OP

Otherwise in general, most classes are balanced but just seem OP in the current restrictive play we have – level 45 with level 50 damage, no legendary Cheap Blade & Soul Gold skills, and no HM levels. Literally the only thing that is just completely brokenly OP right now is Warlock, but after this year’s World Championship, it’ll be nerfed to hell by the time we get it anyway, so no need to worry. The incompetent Blade Dancers and Destroyers right now are getting by due to some seemingly OP things in the current “balance” but once the level cap is raised, the weeding process begins and those that are ranking now because of unbalanced play will fall while the ones that can actually play, will stay where they are or go further. The only reason people tend to say Sin is OP or whatever is because they don’t know how to deal with an enemy that they can’t see or aren’t sure of what to expect from the class – same reason why people complain about Summoner, because they don’t know how to deal with 2v1 or what the class is capable of and easily get overwhelmed. People run into issues with classes mainly because they’re not sure how to deal with them or what to expect from them, that’s about it.
Overall, glad you’re having fun and getting a feel for all the classes though.

ruthfully, the assassin class, and why I made this post. A lot of people were playing other classes, getting a feel for each one, also pvp on the assassin. Then seeing some force master crying on forums. Nerf assassins, really we are all in our own gamer views, but the style itself seems to really balance itself out. So, yeah more just clearing some views up, and things that could be done better. Though, really good classes, force masters will be fun to try to get more experience in, also they have a lot of fun stuff like summoners. So far, going into depth, and more my levels I’ve played my assassin the most. So, not going to judge, but so far it seems like both summoners. Also, force masters will be a wonderful team player in 3s, or descent group battles. They might last longer than most the new players commenting on this thread, or old. Who knows, maybe we can become Blade & Soul Gold champs, and Masters at our own style of how to play a fun game. Like for example 3s, or using a healer. More than likely, you don’t want a tank for arena battles, but the idea to me is to become a tank. Plow through the enemies, and by using your style of gameplay. Therefore, making the classes at your disposal a force of retribution. So, it all adds up to the setup, playstyle, but not charging in going like that joke of a noob. Attacking random cerulean order. Also, I do like input, and not just a good laugh.

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