The rundown on how this ended up in Albion Online

I’m out as well, wrote a different thread, same issue as the OP here.

Since you asked, here’s my take Buy Albion Online Gold.

It’s supposed to be fun and unfortunately the gather/craft grind from the Alpha, which is the same now in the Closed Beta, kills it for me. I need gear and either I’m going to make it or pay someone else for it in the auction house. That’s two grind options, either I’m going to clickfest and grind mobs or I’m going to clickfest and grind resource nodes. It’s mind numbing for me now so I stopped.

The deeper dive on this grind and why it’s so bothersome and laborious..

To get T4 requires T3 and T2. All in equal amounts. That’s typically T4 Hide, Ore, Lumber, and Threads and all of it must be gathered first, then refined into it’s craftable material, then crafted, then salvaged for some return materials unless you get an Epic/Legendary version, or if you are just grinding items so you can make T5, etc.

The rundown on how this ended up in gameplay.. an example for lumber.

Mount your Ox, goto appropriate map tile with tier resources you need, unmount, click said tree 12 times (if your lucky to find one with 15 of said resource) and 12 clicks later you have 15 logs because the last 3 logs it gives you automagically on the last click. As you mine, you become encumbered from the weight so eventually you need to stay mounted on the Ox to move, then unmount right next to the tree you want to chop for wood, then remount to move again, etc. etc. And all of this is in the hopes that the tree isn’t already mined out of it’s logs. Repeat this unmount, chop, remount, move, unmount, chop routine until you have a good haul to go back to town with so you can refine all of it into boards. That’s for just T2, rinse and repeat this process, what typically takes an hour depending on how mined out an area is, for T3 and T4 wood as an example.

Refining a load of 300 to 400 logs into boards can take several minutes at the craft station. So you end up checking out of the game and grabbing a beer (cause you need it at this point) or getting a snack or looking something up on the internet.. point being, your not in the game anymore, your doing something else because your char is tied to that craft station and can’t move or do anything else without it stopping the conversion of resources to materials and it does, you have to restart that process as if it never started to begin with.

And everything you have mass crafted can be salvaged to give you mats back so you can make the items again, that’s great in design but the practice means one at a time dragging and dropping the item to the salvage UI then clicking salvage, then confirming you are salving, then rinsing and repeating this process for each item. You can’t mass salvage anymore than you can mass craft all of the items. And just the same you can’t click a tree, a stone, an ore deposit, or a cotton bush once.. you have to click over and over and over again. You have to drag and drop over and over and over again, it’s tedious for such dull work.

Now do this for ore, then hides, then threads. And you need to first make the tools so you can grind out the resources at a decent clip because if your using T3 tools for T4 resources it’s going to take 2x longer to chop that tree. So make sure you craft all of the tools first, then focus on the weapons and armor.. all so you can PvP and fight Albion Online Power Leveling stuff like a normal bloke without getting your checks written by someone else.

The other option is you skip all of that and grind mobs so you can get silver to buy gear from people at the Auction House or otherwise.

I hope that sheds light on the scaling issue with all of this and how it isn’t fun anymore.

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