Changes for Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

I keep seeing a lot of red posts asking for suggestions that are well thought out, and then pages upon pages of suggestions that are seemingly well received. I also see many things that are well received fall by the wayside as if they were never said. Sometimes its stated that it got lost in the shuffle/deluge of threads on similar or related topics, and other times a change is made that may or may not have had something to do with a suggestion from some obscure thread 3 months prior.

I get that the dev team is not huge and that there are a good number of people wearing a good number of hats over at Anet. I also understand your stance on messaging/communicating with the users. Here’s the thing though: Many of us are not daft and know when we are being placated or only half listened to. We also tend to be avid gamers with a fairly vast library of games that we play or replay at times because we get something out of it. There was a game series that came out some years ago. Its a trilogy of games. It reworked the genre in a way that I’d not seen before offering robust story and characters. It even made a HUGE misstep with its final chapter’s ending which lead to outrage from fans, and ultimately a very smart fix to the story. Not a fix that the players had to pay for either. They also put out TONS of DLC for this game that I just recently purchased some of to play. This has been robust content delivered to the tune of 10 or 20 dollars that added some significant fun to the game.

I can’t tell you how much guild wars 2 gold I’ve spent on GW2 in the way of gem cards, but suffice to say that number is FAR more than I ever paid for all of the DLC for this other game, and I’ve only seen a fraction of new playable content. From other posts that I’ve seen, others have also spent inordinate amounts of money as well. All in the hopes that by supporting Anet in this way that we’d be able to help further push development of new content and to streamline existing content. many of us have been fans of and players of GW since the first game.

Instead of feeling heard when we made suggestions (when asked for them) however, we felt ignored and more importantly unvalued as customers/players. A year and a half into the life of the game and things started to shift. And now, after the latest update those veteran players who have been the most vocal are shouted down by others, or at worse silenced on the boards after a time.

I want this game to do more than succeed. I want it to flourish as long as if not longer than GW1, but as of today it feels like it is getting choked out and is desperately trying to grasp onto new players to feed more new funds into the game because the former whales are tired of spending their money on something that is increasingly not “for them”.

RNG Precursor Issues: The obtaining of the materials for a legendary are a fun little adventure. Think back to the Moa chick in GW1. Hunt around the world for the ingredients and combine them in such a way to get that minipet. To get all of those items for the legendary is no small feat for most players, especially the more casual ones. From day one, the RNG nonsense to obtain a precursor has been annoying, frustrating, and frankly unfair. From day one people had been begging for those drops to be better. Maybe have be a 100% chance of getting one from completing the Personal Story. Or having at least a 20% chance of getting it from a level 80 world boss chest instead of the current less than 1% chance of getting it at all.

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