Guild Wars 2 Condition Stacking

I’ve always thought that bleeding (and any other intensity stacking condition) could be easily handled (maybe even with less server load) with some mechanic overhaul.

Based on the following:

  • The dynamic variation on condition damage (caused by might stacks or whatever) is completely unnecessary.
  • The UI information is quite vague. While the amount of stacks provide an idea of how much damage you’ll receive, there’s no way to know how strong the source is and the duration indication gets completely masked by the longest stack.

Instead of a finite stack list including duration and source information, the game could use some cheap gw2 gold time array, each cell of the array representing a real time second.Whenever you apply an intensity stacking condition, the damage per tick would be directly calculated and added to as many cells as full second duration the condition has.When the 1s timer ticks, the damage from the “current” cell would be directly applied to the target and the “current” index would move to the next one.

Since your client is notified about surrounding condition cleanses, any information about your own damage for displaying purposes can be managed also by the client too. There could be some issues with condition duration reduction foods, runes and traits, but I guess the server could provide the client with this information the same way it does with, for example, blocked attacks.

For UI purposes, since there are no stacks anymore, the server/client could manage an aditional variable, the total expected damage (basically the sum of each cell) and, instead the number of stacks, display how many 1k damages the target is expected to receive (this is probably a much better indicative of how dangerous the bleed you received is).With this system there’s still a cap, in this case a duration one (the size of the time array indicates the longest achievable duration for any application). Luckily enough, a really small amount of skill apply bleed with duration over 12s, so a 25 cell tiem array could cover almost everything even when then source has a 100% bleed duration increase (affected skills could be slightly modified).

I don’t really think we need serious changes on poison and burning stacking. PvP wise, it would be completely gamebreaking (so a complete mechanic split between game modes should be needed), and allowing condition builds to fully operate in any enviroment isn’t probably the best idea for PvE either.

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