Guild Wars 2 Third Soldier Class

I’ve often thought about a particular heavy class that arose from the ocean.

The lore for this creation would be rather simple since most of the games story arc’s in Gw1 an 2 contain great deals of pirate story lines. Nightfall especially contains quite a bit.As far as weapon sets go , well that pretty much would be easy to do.Spear , cutlass(sword) , Dagger , pistol , torch, and this one is a bit of a stretch due to having to introduce into the game but I would love to see a Net (like that used in the gladiator style of combat Spear/Net combo ). Forget about it

Not fond of any summons but if it had to happen . I guess some of the possible choices would be A mermaid summon where the ground below turned to water an a mermaid hand would reach out an drag u into the whirlpool created for a brief moment of immobility or damage whatever . Another possible summon would be a Harpoon gun that would spawn out of thin air an launch a spear an rope to the aggressor (think scorpion in Mortal Kombat) and said weapon drags u back to the pirate where he guts u or stuns. again just spit balling here.

A third possible skill could be Artillery cannon fire . Horac or horak or whatever the hell his name is with that shoulder mounted cannon , Quite possibly the most underused character in the game made one hellva an example of how the class could be played.

A fourth Skill an this is for the trolley effect but I envision a skill that when used the pirate sings a old shanty song that dazes the would be attacker. this would be like the same manner in which the mad king would tell his jokes. only faster an shorter.

Also and this is not skill related but could you imagine this pirate with a Parrot on his/her shoulder that would fly out an attack the enemy F1 2 3 4 skills like the ele changing elemental fields. each f # key gets a dif response , or simply use the parrot as another money sink as a back piece. I”M sure 70 percent of the remaining players would love to have another option that doesn’t require an actual backpack, or silly kitten book. The quiver an the flower made sense. The rest don’t.

I have about a bazillion other ideas but since I know this won’t happen . just thought I would finally take a moment to for atleast a minute believe a Pirate class would happen in a game surround by oooh say Pirates. That’s a ref for gw1 and for the sole reason that LIONS ARCH even exists . Just my 2 cents no need for change .

oh side note. For those raring up to sink their teeth into this an rip apart these ideas explaining point for point why this is not possible. get a life . This post was a simple opinion piece.


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