Guild Wars 2 Modding

Create and put to public use a GW2 editor so the fans can create modds, however they need to send them to you guys so you aprove and insert them int the game.

Goal of Proposal

– Increase the GW2 experience in the follow categories:

  • New skins (capes backpacks, engineer backpacks, etc)..
  • New in game items.
  • New Black Lion Company items
  • UI upgrades.
  • Fixing clipping, etc (asura and charr armor finally!, etc.).
  • New types of enemies.
  • New in game events for existing zones.
  • Scavenger hunts (including for precursors).
  • Redisgns (fractals, dungeons, world bosses,etc.).
  • New quests (lol im sure theres people that can reincorporate the entire LS1).
  • Graphics and sound upgrades.
  • Bugs fixing.
  • Housing, activities, guild halls.
  • Much more.

– Reduction of production cost and increase in development power: Yeah the players do it for free.

– Increase the loyalty of your player base, allowing them to proactively contribute to the game development.

– New customers: One of the points games like Skyrim are bought is because the mods add permant replayability. This kind of system will make more people want to play the game because of its potential.

– More gem store items would be created, that means more income to Anet.

Proposal Functionality

Creation of an editor that allow not only ingame but also UI changes, then allow it to be downloaded in the game page.

Then you add in yourwebsite a space for:

Put the mods overviews and members of the community voting for them, uploading of the mods generated by modders. Also a forum part that allow ask questions and put tutorials about the editor, check modders projects and allow the formation of modder teams.

The content its upgraded to Anet from the modders, then if the idea is good, an Anet team check the contain, editting it if its necesary and then send it to optimization. After all of this its shipped to us in an update.

Perphaps you can give some game store or other kind of bonus to the modders whose projects are selected.

Associated Risks: There can be forms to reduce them but still:

  • Some unwanted elements could be hidden from the supervision team.
  • The supervision and optimization teams could not have enough resources to do their job well enough.

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