Guild Wars 2 Black Lion Weapons

I know this thread has probably been written a thousand times over, but I believe Black Lion Weapons are still a problem for the more ‘casual’ gamers that aren’t loaded enough to spend ridiculous amounts of money for these weapons.

I consider myself among the more casual players of this game and I’m not one for spending a lot of real money on in-game items. I, like a fair amount of others, have bought some bank tabs and some extra materials storage space as well as character slots. These all improve the quality of life in the game. But I completely refuse to pay for BL Keys for the chests only to have a chance at scraps and a lesser chance of a full ticket. I also don’t play anywhere near enough to be able to afford the incredibly steep coins to gem exchange rates.

So having sat on this for a while I can only think of one complete solution, continue to offer these weapons for the tickets in chests and have it remain as the easy way to get these weapons. But, as the alternative for casual players have the tickets be some kind of long term reward for playing the game in some way. I.e getting 1 ticket for completing the monthly achievements. Or as an alternative offer some way to gain them in the mystic forge for some kind of recipe, Or make them a long term crafting goal. There needs to be some alternative way that doesn’t involve some incredible level of pure luck or heaps of real world money/ Investing way more time that is actually possible for the ‘casual’ gamer.

Just like everyone else I appreciate that these weapons are kind of exclusive. However, at the moment I feel as if they are completely out of my reach and probably a high proportion of the rest of the games population.

I really love this game and have since GW:Prophecies but I just can’t take not being able to acquire some of the best skins ANet have designed so far because they not only reside behind a paywall but they also are part of one big (highly outrageous) game of RND. This doesn’t stop me from playing but It may give me a bigger boost in playing more…

Based off the results posted by the player that farmed 1,000 BL keys, the average ticket drop rate was 1 per ~35 chests. It would take roughly 367.50 gold worth of gem conversions (at the current avg rate 12.50 gold/100gems), if buying keys in stacks of 25 when they’re not on sale, for every 1 ticket.

In U.S. dollars the equivalent would be spending just about $36.75 per ticket when buying gems.

Multiply that by 5 for any weapon skin that isn’t on introductory prices, and you get roughly 1,837.50 gold/$183.75 per weapon skin. The price would be even higher for fused skins which cost 7 tickets.

They claim the drop rate has been increased with the most recent patch. Let’s be VERY generous and say they doubled the rate, which is very unlikely or they probably would’ve used the world “doubled” rather than “increased”, but that would still equate to 918.75 gold/$91.88 for every 5 ticket weapon skin.

If you were the luckiest person alive and received a full ticket out of every single chest you opened, the absolute best case scenario is $5.25 per 5 ticket weapon skin, or 52.50 gw2 gold in gem exchanges.

If you think the prices are bad now, given these numbers, you can probably expect them to at least double once current supply on the rarest skins are depleted.

In my opinion, all Black Lion Weapons should cost 5 scraps per account bound version of each skin, and 2 full tickets maximum for a trade-able version. At the current drop rates/ticket costs you can expect to pay more for each skin than the entire retail cost of the game at launch.


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