Guild Wars 2 Suggestion:Character Info

I have two little suggestions here and the first would be to add an inspect character feature. No, no, no — nothing that shows gear slots like WoW or some other MMOs, just something that allows the player to open a window and visually inspect another character, no stats, achievements or anything else – just a visual of that char – In short, an inspect feature for COSMETIC purposes only. Many GW2 characters are so pretty and I believe that would just be an awesome feature instead of orbiting other players on foot… ESPECIALLY since I cannot zoom into 1st person (which is something else we should have, imo).

Second, and I feel this one is very important, players should be given the option to fill out an in-game profile for their character. If you are at all familiar with the WoW RP scene you may be familiar with an addon called “MRP.” What MRP does is allow the player to create a profile for their character with such information as character height, weight, age, nickname and you can even add a few paragraphs describing your character while providing a backstory. In WoW people often abuse this addon filling it with ERP, but I feel as if a report profile feature was added and it was an official Anet creation that had a report profile feature people would shy away from filling it with smut or other objectionable material.

What’s more is this does not have to necessarily be for RP. If you are looking for gw2 gold, looking for friends, looking to PvP, looking to recruit for a guild or anything, you could just put it in your profile – right there in-game.

What this feature would do is give players a convenient tool that could be used to get to know each other, and furthermore an in-game character profile is a great ice breaker. Also, there is no official RP server in this game (which has been made worse considering Megaserver), and such a profile would allow RP’ers to easily hook up without relying on outside sites. Megaserver has scattered GW2 RP’ers into the wind! This could help bring us together.

It does not seem like either one of these features would be hard to add to the game, and ideally it would be totally optional.

I love the lore of this game, I love the community, and I believe this would be a great addition to bring the community closer together.


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