Guild Wars 2 Feature Pack 9/9 Feedback

This patch got a mixed response from me based on the different things that were added and changed. As such, I would like to express my views on each of the main areas that were changed, starting with what I liked.

1. Crafting Backpacks

These are great. Love them. Granted for those of us with two handed weapons they kinda feel like they get in the way but overall love that you created a craftable back piece that you can choose your set of stats for after making it. Really cool guys, keep this.

2. Commanders

I don’t do much PvP, however I like the new set up. Increasing the gold amount, to me anyway, helps weed out those that want to be commanders because they know what they’re doing and the ones that want to be one just to be one. And making it available on all characters was something that should have been made available from the beginning, but do put a level cap on when it shows at least.

3. Level up rewards

I actually like this. Having weapons made available to you for free as you level for the early game, along with getting a few starting things free, does help get cheap gw2 gold, whether you’re a veteran with alts like I am or a brand new player. Just give us the option to turn off the hints and tips that come with it.

Now the bad parts are all, unfortunately, related to the issues with the new early game.

1. Skill bar

This is perhaps the worst thing that could have been done. It does the exact opposite, by limiting what you can do to the extreme. New players need room to experiment, to play around with. That’s was a hell of a selling point for the game. The training with weapons, feeling like as you use the weapon your character is learning it better, that was the 2nd biggest selling point for this game for me. It was unique, and I loved it. Now having it given to me each level makes the game feel more generic, losing much of its charm. Please, change this back to its original state. No other way will work for me now.

2. Personal Story

What upset me most about this wasn’t the fact that you level locked different parts of it, it was the fact that the story doesn’t start until level 10 now. The story was the number one sellint point for this game for me. It’s the number one selling point that you guys pushed out for so long, since before launch. And to have it limited to level 10 or higher instead of going into it right out of the gate turns a lot of people off. In my personal opinion there are two ways to fix this. Either add another episode starting at the very beginning, or revert this change completely.

3. The elementalist change

Seriously, in my opinion it was annoying enough that I had to wait until level 10 or 15, can’t remember which, to unlock Earth, which is the element I wanted to start off with. Now with this increase in the level to unlock the different elements, once again you’re not actually helping new players learn the game better, but rather holding them back from learning it. For this my suggestions are to revert it back to the way it was or at least allow us to choose which element to start off with so we get what we want to use at the start. The elements are their weapons. Their physical weapons are simply how they channel those elements. Let them be used.

I will note that I had this in a separate thread, however pdavis.8031 did point this one out to me so I figured I’d repost this in here.


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