Guild Wars 2 Map Closing System – Poorly Implemented

I am a member of [TTS]. We were just on a map flagged for closure (apparently), but we didn’t get notification (at least not all of us did). My hunch is that the map was flagged for closure, but as far as we were concerned it was a relatively empty map. Lo and behold, we all taxi in and were spawning the Jungle Wurm when the map closed on us.

So what gives? Does a map marked for closure never reconsider? This seems to be the behaviour right now. As it stands, we have to burn a guild spawn to get our members the Wurm kill today (which is not a big deal considering the global guilds update), but is this working as intended? Why does the logic not consider this use-case? Obviously large communities like [TTS] will look for maps that are marked for closure to maximize the amount of usable map slots we can have for these kinds of high-organization events.

Solutions to the problem:

  • Have maps flagged for closure indicate, with a persistent notification on the UI, they are slated to be shut down in x minutes
  • Have maps flagged for closure periodically (every 15min or so) reconsider whether the map will close or not



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