Gems, Consequences, and GW Alternatives In Guild Wars 2

Oh well “all’s fair in love and war,” right? Perhaps if we were trying to kill each other. But this is supposed to be a game and fun, for those who win AND those who don’t. How do you make those who lose have fun? By letting them fight their hardest, before they lose, so they don’t feel like they never had a chance.

So how does this relate to server stacking? Well because WvW was and is all about PPT; which are points calculated by how many objectives you control. If you stack you server in such a way that you have people on the field 24/7, while simultaneously taking those same people away from your opponent. You win, period, all stop. You Win.

Meaning, in the end, you don’t need tactics, don’t need experience, don’t need skill. You just need half your forces awake while the other side is asleep, or on the back end of 10 hour shift on their day off, trying to hold off fresh troops. Further disclaimer, there were and are some BG players/guilds with experience and talent. Not the point, point is the remaining time was filled with half baked merc scrubs taking an unmanned tower at 4AM North American Time.

That was not, and is not in the spirit of GW or WvW. So why was this allowed? Why was this “strategy” permitted to continue till BG was Tier 1 if only because of sheer SIZE? Gems. It all came down to greed. Blatant and obvious, inexcusable greed.

Transfers between servers cost lots of gems. Can you imagine the profit potential in allowing a server to move entire guilds? Dozens, and hundreds of people, all with multi-hundred gem transfer costs. So it was allowed, and WvW in spirit, and more literally on SoR; died.

Imagine what a monumental slap in the face it was to a very, admittedly, proud, server; to be told, they would never win again? No matter how many sieges they levied, how many zerglings they slaughtered, how many long nights were spent standing atop a fortress wall, watching for the enemy; by morning it would be all for not. And all for cheap gw2 gold.

Sure, other servers stacked after, followed BGs example. I hear even SoR tries to get some mercs now and again. The notion would have made us livid before, but what’s the point in getting mad now? We dropped, I don’t know how many tiers, and WvW is nominally empty most the time.

Anyway, that’s my personal anger. From an objective standpoint, perhaps they were in need of cash flow, and I rather have GW2 operational. It was still a bad decision, that broke my trust in Anet and enacted my severe distrust for NCSoft.

Let’s move on to the third issue that has arisen from Gems. Loot nerfs. The Devs can frame it any way they please. What it really is, is Gold constriction. Less loot, less gold to spend, less gems purchased with Gold rather than real world money. So then, what is the point of fighting a valiant battle with the forces of evil if, at the end, you don’t have something marginally economically sound for it?

Yes, friendship, the thrill of the experience, the memories; all just as important. But there is something to be said for that moment when you open a treasure chest and have the hope of something good. If there’s no meaningful amount of hope you’ll get anything for the effort, most won’t bother with it.

Finally, GRIND. This is a consequence, of both loot nerfs and gem inflation.; and another thing Anet promised to keep most of out of GW2. Before we continue, I realize that the things we’re talking about here are not required for gameplay. I recognize it, and accept it. I also say this. Anet promised to “not be like those other games.” That’s the promise I paid for. I expect them as a customer, to keep it.

In all those other games, there’s no reasonable hope you’ll ever get anything meaningful out of the gemstore, without paying, or obscene grind. I would like, and greatly appreciate if GW2 Gemstore was not the same way. I play more than most people, and I find my playtime oriented more and more towards Gold. I can’t, at the moment, imagine a casual gamer that plays 2-3 hours a day, could expect to compete with the current rate of gold inflation.

So, those are not all, but the most notable, and egregious offenses thus far. So then, I’ll keep it simple. Obviously, Anet still needs money. So what would we prefer, as a community; in the way of payment/content options.


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