Guild Wars 2 New Possibilities- A Wardrobe

Now that we’ve all experienced the new wardrobe, I’d like to make a request, suggestion about it.

Why not make all(or most, some exclusives are fine ofcourse) types of armor available to every profession. In the end it is just an armorskin in the same manner that you can already wear a fuzzy bear hat or even hide your whole gearset with an ‘Outfit’.Aren’t we past the rigid structure of Light, Medium and Heavy armor of the old school RPG days?

For example, my Guardian is primarily focussed on burning damage and is much more a mage/wizard/sorcerer(or whatever you want to call it) then an ironclad frontline trooper. Having her running around in ‘light’ armor(wardrobe skin only ofcourse…don’t want to mess with the existing game balance) which is tuned much more towards magic users, would make sense.

Or in a similar manner, a double dagger Elementalist might opt to go for a more rogue/thief/assassin like look instead of being a mage.And if the argument of identification is an issue, then I would say that you can identify a profession much easier by the skills and color of them then by looking at gw2 gold us.

You know, after looking at some NPCs I realize the biggest problem with the rigging and UV maps of armor is probably limited to the chest and leg pieces; helmets, shoulders, gloves, and boots don’t seem to be affected by this since I occasionally see NPCs with light armor but heavy gauntlets (off the top of my head one such example is in the Ascalonian fractal, where one of the Charr models you become is wearing a light chest piece with primeval heavy gauntlets).

So why not make everything except chest and leg armor cross-weight, then let the player select what kind of armor weight they would like the wear? That way you can have a soldier select medium armor for the coats and pants and mix in light/medium/heavy helmets/shoulders/gloves/boots; you won’t be able to mix weights for chests and legs, but it’s still an improvement over fixed weight classes.


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