Guild Wars 2 Crafting Backpacks

I love this change and it is a move in a direction I talked about many times on this forum.

I do hope it does not stay by backpacks, there should be many fun items (being it backpacks, mini’s, instruments and other fun funny nice maybe useful, joky items) for all crafting disciplines. Thats what makes crafting fun to me.

In pretty much all MMO’s I have played so far crafting was one of my main activities, it was fun to go into the world collect recipe’s and make all those guild wars 2 gold. In GW2 I haven’t even crafted one discipline to the max level because it’s so kitten boring. What do you craft for? Mainly to get to level 400 or level 500 to then make the items you might want (legendary or ascended). Thats just boring while crafting can be fun.

This backpack crafting is just a small step in that direction, they need to make more of those items and also hide recipe’s for many of those items all over the world and hide one special item you need to that one specific item (for some of the items) also somewhere in the world. Now exploring the world to collect all these things becomes fun, then crafting becomes fun.

So I do this is a great change especially if also ArenaNet does see this as a minor step and what to expand this much more in upcoming patches. If not it would be to little but at least it’s a step in the right direction!


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