Please New Permanent Gathering Tools In Guild Wars 2

I’m getting bored of the permanent repeating of the old permanent tool versions, that get now repeated for like the 3rd or 4th time…

Could you please make soon some new permanent hathering tools with some real cool stylish themes for more variety there… here some examples of what a kind of permanent Gathering Tool Styles I’d like to see including new gathering tool types for more gathering options also too:


  • Permanent Sonic Scythe-Sickle
    Summon a Sylph, a Nymph of the Wind to let her slice for you your cooking materials with fast Sonic Scythes that slice through everything being so sharp, that they even can cut you in two, before you notice anything.

Brief said, I want to see a Wind Style Sickle in the Gem Store. Nothing would fit the Sickle more, than this! I hoped we would see this among the last Zephirite Patch, them being their basic theme of their style, like that Water Sickle got based on a Karka Patch.

Log Axe

  • Permanent Phoenix Feather-Log Axe
    Summon a Phoenix, a Bird of Life, whose Soul is in this Log Axe, lettign its Axe Blade burn through any Tree, like a hot knife goes through butter. This Log Axe will deliver you just the best high quality firewood.


  • Permanent Sky Fall-Pickaxe
    Summon a Sylph, a Nymph of the Wind, which creates a Thunderstorm to let it cause a mighty lightning strike followed by a loud thunder roaring to crush all the valuable gems and metals out of the ores that you find.

3 nice Gathering Tools in a different style, which replace the hacking, picking and slicing animations of the tools with creatures, which do the job for your by summoning cheap gw2 gold.

Fishing Rod > Gathering Symbol for Maps= Little Fish

  • Permanent Aqua Flail-Fishing Rod
    Summon a Nereiad, a Nymph of the Sea to create for you an unbreakable fishing rod out of water, which fishes for you for the big catch, where normal fishing rods would just break.

Shovel > Gathering Symbol for Maps = Little Jewel

  • Permanent Ground Shaker-Shovel
    Summon an Oreiad, a Nymph of the Land to let it go digging for you with its ground shaking and breaking Shovel for all the precious ground treasures.

If stuff like this would be in the Store, I’d instantly buy them all for my Main Char.
Just some inspirations.

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