GW2 and Wildstar serve two totally different audiences

Without totally going off topic here, very quickly, what GW2 and Wildstar have in common is NCSOFT.

GW2 and Wildstar serve two totally different audiences. If Wildstar is happening to see a drop at the moment, some of that is probably due to the standard attrition that everygame sees within the first two months. Other attrition, if it is happening (and I have no data), is probably due to the fact that the game is more challenging than most current games (excluding Eve – which is a persistent strategy game.)

I started with GW2 because I didn’t want a WoW clone either, having played multiple different MMOs, long before (edit: and after) WoW was released.

Yet, after being alienated consistently for 18 months with each consecutive release of patches and what is now obviously the direction GW2 is going, I have invested into Wildstar and am barely hanging in with GW2 for what may be the last hurrah of WvW (Season 3).

Wildstar is providing the exploration I want, new playable content, and the challenge I need as a skilled player. And, after having spent over 10+ year’s worth of comparable subscription fees on GW2, I am thoroughly enjoying paying only $30/month for two Wildstar accounts and seeing the devs there confirm that they need to deliver subscription content since they are charging for gw2 gold.

The audiences for those games are totally different.

I have enjoyed a lot of what GW2 originally offered. I understand there is an audience that enjoys the direction it has veered into, and will continue heading towards.

I am sad that my time with this game looks like it’s dwindling. I wanted this game to last long past what it has.

And what the OP describes in her original post is in part why this game no longers works for me, or for those who play with me.


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