A Return To GW1 Mentality

GW2 isn’t quite holding up to its predecessor. Here’s all the things that GW1 had, and that GW2 doesn’t quite have:

1. Build diversity and build experimentation: The equipment system, the build/equip templates and the pure number of awesome build possibilities meant players were encouraged to change up their builds. Adjusting your gear to work with a new build took a matter of minutes. In GW2, only PvP allows a GW1 ease of experimentation.

2. Challenge: Don’t get me wrong, there are challenging bits sprinkled across GW2. Tequatl and the Wurm are as close as you can possibly get to challenge in a persistent world setting. By the way, I speak of gameplay challenge, not the frustration that comes with trying to organize 100 players. Domain of Anguish hard mode, the Underworld, getting a team to the hall of heroes. That’s the good stuff. The Aetherpath is also a good example of challenging content, as is Fractals. If the living story instances were like that, requiring multiple ppl, that’d be great. The harder it is to speed clear, the better.

3. Teamwork: The meta right now is zerker heavy and requires no coordination whatsoever. Because changing up builds is such a pain, people tend to use solo builds that can be effective without team mates. In GW1 teamwork was required, not optional. Sure, you could use heroes, but if you choose to play with people, you worked together. If someone wasn’t pulling their weight, you’d fail. Mindless grinding in GW2 is easier and gets cheap gw2 gold. Challenging teamwork heavy content is fun, but the community won’t play it if there’s a mindless easy way that gives faster loot.

4. PvP: GW2 PvP is ok, and will get better as new modes are added. GW1 PvP blows it away. Even random arenas required more teamwork than the current GW2 PvP. Guild vs Guild and Hall of Heroes were on a level that I don’t think GW2 even has right now.

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