Upcoming Warrior Balance Changes In Guild Wars 2

Until ANet makes Rampage have refreshing Stability boon (and refreshing Swiftness for that matter) with immunity to Blind condition and add something like refreshing Fury/Might boons as well while under Rampage it’ll never be seen as an alternative use over SoR or Battle Standard (outside of a rare Fiery Great Sword/Ele combo in PvE and I’m sure bundle use in Rampage will get removed.)

Real Issue with Rampage
Rampage is just another melee damage set with only minor improved DPS and really only one gap closer (that is buggy and was nerfed in leap range). It has a really really slow single target stun with only 900 range (if ANet reduced the cast time to next to nil (not the projectile speed, you might have something) but it is still easily dodged/blocked/etc. (you see that big rock coming from miles away). Seismic Leap is the only good ability in Rampage and it can be used less than the average Hammer Earthshaker (derp) – not good since you can’t use F1 abilities in Rampage.

Rampage is broken badly
Rampage does not have cheap gw2 gold (aka Tornado or Plague) transformation and Rampage isn’t ranged like Lich or Guardian transformation Elites. It’s a garbage Elite because it doesn’t do either of these roles. There is no ‘game changer’ DPS / stall time like these other Elites perform in a team environment.

Secondary Improvements
Rampage needs team use (AoE boons/AoE Fire combo fields/anything). Also, swap Kick (ability 2) to an unblockable pull already (aka Engineers Magnet).

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