Guild Wars 2 Dungeon Daily Rewards

Some dungeons i run a lot, some paths not so much, but between running with good pugs, bad pugs, good friends, bad friends, good guildies, bad guildies, i noticed that i don’t feel like the rewards for some dungeons seem worth it, and as for AC, i don’t think AC is even hard enough anymore to merit 1.55 gold, when on average my CoE runs either take just as long, or 4 times longer, but just for 1.05 gold daily reward?

I know that some people say that because CoE is tiered higher, it is supposed to be worth it due to the higher “chance” of looting lodestones and other loot, but that is just RNG, that isn’t any more reassuring than telling people “fight Tequatl, there is a chance you will loot something worth the 30-60 minutes setting up and killing him, granted if you succeed. on a side note, Teq gives you 1 gold at least, and a good handful of loot, even if it’s bad, it is just barely worth it.

Without really delving into details, i will in a gist point out dungeons that could use a daily guild wars 2 gold award adjustment, from my own perspective.

Ascalonian Catacombs: unless there are plans to make it even harder, i think the end reward of 1.55 gold is too juicy, considering even really bad groups can get it done in under half an hour, unless it’s path 2, bad people tend to take way longer on that one, but otherwise, i think the daily for path 1 should be 1.05 gold, because between my average runs and difficulty, it isn’t that bad, especially if you have elementalists. path 2, can honestly stay at 1.55 until Detha is completely debugged, since each run is a gamble of “is she going to bug or not after all that?”, otherwise 1.25 gold would be fine. same thing i could say for path 3, aside from it being tedious, it isn’t extreme difficult, 1.25 gold would be fine.

Caudecus’s Manor: this dungeon is a wild card, i mean, SC can speed clear it in 3-4 minutes, Ren can do 6-10 minutes, but my pug groups vary greatly between 12-60 minute runs O.O and it all depends on composition and skill and skipping trash mobs to get down within a timely manner. so even though the ideal run doesn’t take terribly long, i feel like there is a bit of a steep learning curve for CM overall, so i would say 1.25 gold for p1, 1.55 gold for p2, and 1.25 gold for p3.

Twilight Arbor: i haven’t done a lot of TA, but it can take some time to do, yet i don’t feel like Up is too difficult, but can take a bit of time, so i would say 1.15 gold would be reasonable, and as for Forward, it seems slightly harder than Up, so 1.25 gold, and Aetherpath seems about right for gold, but i only did it once all the way, and some people have claimed it’s harder than Arah path 4, but i don’t think everyone feels that way, but just in case, i could in a gist suggest that 2.25 gold would be fine, though the aetherkeys should be enough anyway, so the daily gold increase isn’t really that needed i don’t think.

Sorrow’s Embrace: path 1 is fine at 1.05 gold, it’s easier than CoF path 1 if you got a good party composition. path 2 is a nightmare beyond nightmares, my only complete run of path 2 took over 3 hours, with over 15 party wipes and i went through 7 players to get it done. my friend who was more lucky than me, took him only 80 minutes. so, i would say at least 2.05 gold for this path, 2.25 to be nice. path 3 can stay at 1.05, though sometimes it can be annoying to do the clown car, you get so many champ bags in path 3 that i think that about makes up for it.

Flame Citadel: path 1 is fine at 1.05 gold. path 2 can have issues with Magg, so either make him less buggy during the magmacite event, or i’d say 1.25 gold would be a fair compromise to just leave the programing as-is. path 3 is woth at least 1.55 gold, i hate that path, almost no one likes it, except for pro runners who are the only people who can get it done in under 30 minutes, under 15 even, but the average pug runs for me has been between 36 – 100 minutes (granted, the 100 minute run, we had a level 76 warrior, and only one other person knew the path, which i was new myself).

Honor of the Waves: i hate this dungeon, it should be removed, but until then, considering all things, i think no less than 1.55 gold per path can justify it, and i would be bold to say 1.75 for path 2 and path 3 alike.

Crucible of Eternity: i feel like all paths should be cheap gw2 gold also, because each path on average for me has taken the same time as AC path 3, but unlike AC, CoE actually requires some decent level of skill and even more proper dodging and positioning in comparison, so you might end up like me the other day, with a 57 run of path 1, and 65 minute run of path 2, for 1.05 gold? man, that is twisted.

Arah: i haven’t done enough to really say anything, but it seems like the rewards are fine as is from what i can tell.


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