Rewards After Two Years Of Guild Wars 2

Anet improved the rewards now with Season 2 for at least the Living World part of the game, the game gives you at least the feelign of being more rewarding, because Events give in Dry Top you a little Chest Reward (but sadly only with junk inside)
All the achievements give you a reward chest as they include materials you need for crafting, lockpicks which you use for hidden treasure chests.

The second season brought within Dry Top some reward improvements, that I’d like to see getting implemented everywhere into the game, like getting reward chests from doing events. Why should this work this way so only in Dry Top, when it could simple work so everywhere in the game?

I miss Meta Event Achievement Rewards from Season 2, thats somethign that anet should reinvent back into the game for doing special achievements, that these reward you with interesting items, like Black Lion Tickets would be awesome, if they put that as meta achievement rewards into the game or at least scraps of them.

Dungeon Rewards for Tokens need to be improved, they could put in so much more into the vendor list for tokens. They should begin with adding new weapons and armors of ascended quality, that you can get ascended stuff also from Dungeon Token Same goes for WvW, the rewards that you can trade of with BoH should get improved, also there it shuold become possible to get ascended items with BoH.Otherwise, the drop rate of ascended items from WEXP Rank Chests should get increased.PvP rewards got improved by now, this mode got its various reward tracks and soon gets a new one with PvP exlusive Armor inside .

Rewards from doing World Bosses definetely need as a system to get improved.Anet has to remov the RNG crap out of this game and change that system to a token based reward system.Example: Beat Tequatl, get a Token out of its Boss Reward Chest, use that Token at a new Vendor NPC on the map to get for those tokens either a Tequatl Minipet, the Sunless Weapons ect. pp.Same goes for the Triple Trouble Wurms.

Fractals I can’t say, haven’t gotten a fraktal skin yet, but I am also not an intensive fractal player, but what I would like to see is that those Mist Essences should become not a Fractals Only thing. Mist Essecnes of all 3 types should drop in my opinion also in WvW should be found in chests for beating tower/stronghold/castle lords sometimes instead of dragonite ore.Or Mist Essences of all 3 types should be also receiveable for Badges or Honor.

WvW is also in the Mists, like the Fractals, so why shouldn’t there also exist a way to earn Mist Essences??? In Fractals they drop too rarely alone and not everyone likes to play Fractals just for those Essences that rarely drop there. An alternative with WvW would be very nice. Maybe even as drop from killed players.A way to craft them would be even nicer, like 250 Bloodstone Dust, 250 Empereal Shards, 250 Dragonite Ore and a new item that you can get only from WvW = Vial of Condensed Mist Essence

Bloodstone Brick, Empereal Star, Dragonite Brick each 5 + that WvW only item = Glob of Coagulated Mist Essence.Bloodstone Brick ,Empereal Star, Dragonite Brick and Glob of Mist Essence = Shard of Crystallized Mist Essence.That would be nice and would reduce somewhat of that silly mist essence grind from fractals.

Map Competion gives you an required item for legendary weapons, however, i would find it better, if Map Completion would give you each time a random precursor, then would people really have an intention to do the stressful task of exploring with each character the 100% and the reward would be rewardign for doing it.Those prerequisite items that you need for a legendary should become part of the rewards for beating the game instead

Gold rewards from dungeons should get changed. orr Dungeons should give slightly lesser gold, all other dungeosn should give slightly more cheap gw2 gold.Currently Path 1,2 and 4 give 3 Gold, should get reduced to 2,5 Gold.All other Dungeons, that give currently around 1-1,5 Gold should give those 50 Silver more.The Orr paths that give then 50 silver lesser rewards, should get therefore a slightly increased chance of getting exotics out of the end chest.That are some changes that I’d like to see.


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