Implement Graphic Save System In Guild Wars 2

I was thinking about this for a week now so I’ve decided to create a topic about it.I have a fairly ok PC which can hold on to high graphics for PvP and general PvE (fractals and dungeons). But when it comes to WvWvW and World bosses it tares him apart!I mean from smoothly 50ish FPS in normal situations my game play drops down to 8-10 FPS and its quite unplayable unless I drop down my graphic settings…

Now the bottom of this topic is that you can easily add a graphic save system with 1 or 2 save slots (or even unlimited although I dont see a purpose of it). When ever players needs to adjust their graphic system due to lack of FPS, they can easily load their saved settings…It gets quite annoying doing it every time I enter world boss fight or WvWvW.

Im sure that you’r program developers are able to do this and implement it in no time. This shouldn’t be a problem at all and it will gradually increase the possibility of quick graphic change when ever we need cheap gw2 gold.




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