What’s With Caithe & Trahearne In Guild Wars 2

This isn’t a very big deal, but I couldn’t help but find it incredibly odd that all of the sylvari NPCs, especially those two, left with everyone else through the portal, instead of staying behind to check up on their poor mother, who’s lying on the ground passed out and barely breathing.

Furthermore, when talking to Trahearne, he has nothing to say about the ordeal aside from wanting to go back to Fort Trinity asap (understandable, but your mom almost died honey). I didn’t recall seeing Caithe anywhere…? Atleast Laranthir expressed some concern.

I just found it distracting that Anet made all of the non-sylvari Destiny Edge v2 people show more concern for the Pale Tree than the important sylvari NPCs, the firstborn no less.

The avatar was the first to scream in pain when the mordrem attacked, well before the whole blackout thing with the shadow of the dragon came. I assume the attack was much stronger against the dream and the Pale Tree than against her avatar.

The avatar itself might be irrelevant. The shadow of the dragon might have been after Ventari’s Tablet initially.Or maybe the Avatar is as much a way for the Pale Tree to feel as it is a way to express herself.

Regardless, the avatar must be a unique sylvari, being most connected to the Tree than any other. The Pale Tree might have experienced death through the deaths of other sylvari, but if the avatar dies, it might be an entirely other experience for her, something that might be more shocking.

As for Caithe, i am very suspicous of her. We know she has a dark part in her heart, and while that does not make gw2 gold eu, her trying to reject that part of herself so much makes her … soundless in a way. As the nightmare, the dark part -is- part of the dream that protects sylvari from the dragon’s manipulation.

Her intentions might have been trying to show the leaders the true threat, confident that it would work with minimal losses and a hard lesson learned. She is such a paragon of unity. Why she disappeared right as the attack began? My best guess is sudden realization and/or guilt.


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