Anet Put On Dungeons/events In Guild Wars 2

I just wanted to give my opinion about the restrictions Anet put on dungeons/events.

I have 8 lvl 80 characters. It used to be great having multiple characters, especially to run dungeons. After a couple hours I could repeat the run with another character. But now no matter how many characters I have I can only run a path once a day, and worse, the same goes to world bosses. So basically I use one or two only (the ones I like most) and the others became useless. That is so frustrating that I am looking forward to other games now, trying to find other MMO to invest my time, kind of a rage quit. I am really, really kittened with this change. It is like I have wasted a large amount of time lvling those extra characters and Anet just didn’t give a kitten about the time I have invested or, the way it is now, LOST.

One char per world boss still gives the large chest, just not the guaranteed-rare chest. I rotate alts on mark II if ever starved for dragonite.

But I pretty much only use a char for a given purpose too. World boss commanding/Jumping puzzles (to free-port others with), Mesmer. WvW commanding, Guardian. Dungeons/living story/world boss zerging/general pve, Thief. Fractals, Elementalist. Condi Wurming, Ranger/Necro. Some dungeons/farms, Bomb Engi. WvW Roaming/WvW Zerging/Triple Wurm zerging, Warrior.

Wouldn’t use my thief to command WvW or bring my Guardian into a dungeon, it makes no sense.

Gw2 gold eu is easy enough to earn already without abusing alts to go around timegates. Maybe your problem is that all of your classes have identical specs (I will guess Zerkeverythinglulz) and are shoehorned into the same purpose, which would obviously mean that all except the one best suited to the role would be redundant. If the usual ‘easily survivable damage dealer’ that gets photocopied across the meta, then it would be necessarily a warrior.

Why would you expect otherwise, if they’re all identical in purpose. If you had a toolbox with 8 hammers of varying quality, you’re not going to do anything else but use the best hammer. If you have a hammer, a screwdriver, a power drill, a wire cutter…


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