Wvw Exploiters Ruin Fair Gameplay In Guild Wars 2

I am probably going to be villified as a QQer here but I gotta be honest, recent events are very much making me not want to play. I don’t mind a good WvW fight, I don’t mind losing fights and battles, I don’t mind our server getting stomped into the ground.

What I do mind is when people take advantage of game issues and then do crazy stuff like stay under the map of our keep so that it’s constantly contested. That makes it no fun, and not something I want to be a part of.

Fix the issues please ArenaNet. There are people who exploit this stuff for their own pleasure and drive players away from the game who come expecting people to play with some kind of ethics about not cheating. WvW is really the best part of this game but I am going to stick to PvE till it gets fixed or the PvE content gets gw2 gold eu to even log on anymore.

I believe that’s called “taunting” and/or “baiting” like the little invul corner outside gate of north camp. I’ve baited entire roaming groups into attacking me there not realizing it’s invul and wiping them one by one by leaving the invul spot so they see damage and running back to it. Sometimes, when it’s 1v8 and there’s no way you’re going to stop them from taking the camp, it’s fun to have a little payback. Especially if the person(s) are too dumb to realize at least after the first dead guy that I’m popping into the invul zone.

I really don’t know what to say to the last part of your post, but I’d say a lot of people who say they aren’t scared to die (as in, dying for real, ceasing to exist, etc) probably have never had the experience of nearly dying. That’ll scare ya up real kittenin quick.

Other than that I’ll suicide all the time to take root in the middle of a cap just to kitten people off for a few more seconds while they hack away at my invulnerable soon-to-be corpse.


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