How Would You Redesign The Zhaitan Fight In Guild Wars 2?

I must say as a fan of the lore, Anet did a good job of showing the menace of Zhaitan’s undead throughout the story. However, the end fight was a big disappointment. Zhaitan was taken down way too easily, just some laser gun and he dropped down, then all we have to do is finish him.

I know it’s a story dungeon so the actual difficulty could not be too high. I think I will remove all the previous mobs, and design a big long fight with different phases(players will have time to rest), solely against Zhaitan. Because we already fought enough of his minions, Mouth of Zhaitan, Dragon Champions, Risen Elites, why waste time to fight them again? Using all gw2 gold us against him, magic, ship, troops, let many npc die. So the dungeon would not be too long.

For one, I think Zhaitan should’ve actually used its tentacles to cling onto the ship, like an octopus.

The player would have to actually slash the tentacles using their own weapons.Zhaitan would probably poke his head at the front of the ship instead of snapping it off, and we’d have to kill each individual “tongue” of Zhaitan.

At that point, Zhaitan would probably retreat, and then Zojja would use the Mega-Lit cannon. Now that Zhaitan is weakened, the real fight can begin: Players must aim the cannons on BOTH sides of the ship in order to hit Zhaitan, while he is flying and summoning minions. The more you damage Zhaitan, the more “tongues” break off and land on the ship for you to kill.

After that? Actually, I would keep the part where he’s struggling on the tower, but I would also silence the music. I know that sounds weird, but when I fought Zhaitan at launch, when his music didn’t play, that tower scene felt very cinematic and special. It felt like you’ve stripped Zhaitan of his limbs one by one, and he is struggling as he clings onto his last breath. The scene itself is incredibly cinematic, because it shows that at that point, Zhaitan could do nothing but squirm, as the Pact fires at him. It asserts that at that exact point, the Pact had become more powerful than Zhaitan, and that victory was finally in sight. It was just an overall really satisfying moment to watch Zhaitan be the one to struggle, after all the crap he puts you through during the personal story. But when the music was muted and all you could hear Zhaitan’s Roars and cannon fire? Beautiful. You could almost hear Zhaitan crying in pain, and it was so satisfying!


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