Things I Would Like To See In Guild Wars 2

Hello all, this is going to be a list i would like to see in future updates, feel free to add anything you would like to see as well

1: Guild Alliances – Some people have a hard time recruiting players to join their guild for some reason. with that being said, i think it would be a great idea to be able to make alliances between guilds and able to gain influence for those allied guilds at the same time so you don’t have to represent a certain guild to get influence for gw2 gold eu.

2: Protected Guild Stash – I operate a small guild with family and friends, basically only people I trust, I’m afraid if i get too many people in that i don’t know to join and have stuff in the guild stash that they would loot it and quit the guild. I think it would be a good idea to implement “Guild Bound” items. Basically if it’s put in the guild storage it gets slapped with the Guild Bound status making it where it cannot be sold or salvaged but it can be destroyed. doing this will prevent looters and also if that player doesn’t need the Item anymore they can put it back into guild storage so someone else can use it if they need it

3: Preparations – One of my favorite Ranger abilities in GW1 were the preparations, why the heck were they removed from GW2? i know they add combos like whirl and flame aura but it’s not the same please bring them back

4: Flamethrower Range Fix – The range on the #1 flamethrower skill is 400 and the stream seems pretty long, but the enemy only gets damaged if it is closer than about 2/3rds of the full length of the Stream of Flames and enemies never take damage if the end of the stream hits them [see Attachment] it needs to be fixed please. Don’t take offense to the tree labeled dumb tree, i just called it that cuz it screwed up my angle for the range of the FT that seems all there is now… if i think of more i will put more


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