Alternatives For Fractal Weapons In Guild Wars 2

I’ve been doing fractals for well over a year, and i have YET to see a fractal weapon drop. (even one i cant use) I never did high levels (31-39) until after the “Fractured” update which significantly dropped the drop rate from nearly 25%, to around 3%. An alternative that will keep players interested in completing fotm and that will let them be happy with their rewards are:
A: trading 30 pristine relics for a box that gives a RANDOM fractal weapon OR
B: trading 50-100 pristine relics for a fractal weapon of THEIR choice.

This would be great because not only do most high level fractal players not even spend their relics, but it would allow people who got screwed by “Fractured” drop rates and RNG to finally get one. Also this would be “time-gated” so it will still take much work and time to get. If i could get feedback from users or even staff that would be great. I think that this would’ve been a perfect feature for “Fractured.”

The fix to something that’s poorly designed is to redesign it. Not to slap a bandaid fix that also suffers from a design flaw on the problem.

One flaw with your suggestion? It removes the prestige factor of fractal skins. Complete level 1 for a daily chest X times, and you get X fractal relics. The same amount someone who completed level 50 for a daily chest X times would get gw2 gold us.

You know what the best way to get fractal skins would then be? Speedrun the lower tiers, starting at the lowest, because hey, fewer mechanics in some fractal, less enemy health, and less enemy damage. You’ve now turned fractal skins from what they should have been, a prestige reward for completing hard content, into a “lets grind easy content for shinies” reward.


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