Guild Wars 2 Armorsmith Guide:Levels 150-225

Guild Wars 2 is a very popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Part of what makes Guild Wars 2 different from other MMORPGs is its creativity.

Guild Wars 2 enables players to join different guilds and work their way up from a novice to a master craftsman.

Armorsmithing is a popular crafting activity in GW2. If you are an armorsmith eager to work your way up from level 150 to level 225, take a look at the Guild Wars 2 Armorsmith Guide below:

By now, you probably grasp the fact that the key to advancing through all levels follows the same basic pattern: Gather raw materials, refine them, use the refined materials to make armor accessories, and don’t forget to make guild wars 2 gold.

As an Apprentice, your main work material is steel. The raw materials you need as an Apprentice are basically the same as the ones you needed as a Novice. The main difference is that you will need middle tier fine items instead of the “small” fine items you were collecting as an Initiate.

Of course, advancing as an Apprentice is more difficult than advancing as an Initiate. Each level in Guild Wars 2 is designed to be slightly more difficult than the level before it. At the same time, by this point in the game, you should have increased your crafting skills.It is probably a lot easier for you to make armor and navigate the complex world of Guild Wars 2 than it was when you were just first starting out.

Most players take quite a bit of time to advance from Novice to Apprentice, so you have probably had plenty of time to explore the different parts of the Guild Wars 2 universe.


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