Solo Roaming Trapper/regen In Guild Wars 2

I hate making these threads because there’s always someone that will criticize every aspect of the build just because they can. However, I want to share it with the community because of how overwhelmingly well it has worked for me. If you would like a build that has heavy damage, is great against thieves and has 1.1k regeneration per-second, this is your build.

Cave Spider F2 is very useful. With this build, you do not inflict vulnerability or weakness so these two conditions will come from your spider.

Use your heal when you reach about 80% of your health, it will restore large chunks and by the time you need to use it again it should be off cooldown. I may be mistaken, but “Nature’s Bounty” seems to effect the duration of the regeneration applied by the runes. The reason for using Dwayna runes is to enhance the healing given by Troll Unguent by adding regeneration on top of it.

Stacks and food buffs are very necessary for this build. The major flaw with it is that without stacks your conditions will do significantly less damage, so it is important to try to gain them before getting in to fights. Without food you will have 0% condition duration, so if you would instead like to spec 2 in to Marksmanship you can do so.

A low HP pool means that you can’t get gw2 gold. You have a fair bit of toughness and very high regen, but you’re not invincible. So remember to dodge accordingly and avoid being stunned since your only way to counter that is via a passive trait or activating Rampage As One.

Don’t camp one weapon set. When I’m in a fight, I will often swap between my weapons almost immediately after they’re off cooldown. This allows for maximum condition application and very high poison uptime, which is important against anyone who uses a lot of regen (Eles, healing sig Warriors, etc).

And lastly, this build is also surprisingly awesome in ZvZ’s. If you’re not trying to frontline and know how to dodge, you have lots of regeneration to endure the damages and lots of AOE’s for tags. With axe #1 and throwing traps all over the place, you should get plenty of bags, I know I do!

I understand that this build is not for everyone. If you think there are ways to improve it please do so, but to be honest I would prefer it if you kept criticisms to yourself only because I have had very little problems with this build ankitten ot looking for improvements.


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