Suggestion For Excess Ascended Gear In Guild Wars 2

Just wanted to give a suggestion for dealing with the problem of excess ascended gear. I know many people (like me) have been holding on to ascended gear (especially rings) from doing Fractals content. Personally, and from hearing others’ sentiment regarding the topic, it feels like there is no outlet for getting rid of ascended gear like we have with other tiers (salvaging, tp, mystic forge, etc).

I believe reformatting some of the ways of obtaining Fractal rewards would be very beneficial to the community, and help solve this issue.

Main benefits: Outlet for excess gear and new ways to obtain some Fractal rewards.

Concept: The basic idea would be a new Fractal merchant. This merchant would offer a new currency for traded gear, so when we sell this merchant one piece of ascended gear (rings, armor, and weapons could be priced differently based on ease of obtaining), we would receive a certain value of the new currency.

We could use this new currency, in conjunction with Fractal relics and Pristine Fractal relics, to purchase other Fractal rewards (my thoughts would be ascended armor/weapons and Fractal weapon skins).

Example: A Fractal weapon skin would cost something along the lines of 10 new currency, 1000 Fractal relics, and 15 pristine Fractal relics. An armor piece might be 15 new currency, 1500 Fractal relics, and 20 Pristine Fractal relics. Obviously these figures are just examples, and they could be adjusted based on what would be deemed most fair.

As I stated previously, this would give us a good outlet for dealing with excess ascended gear, and give us new ways to obtain the items we do want to buy guild wars 2 gold.

If you have suggestions or criticisms or general thoughts regarding a model like this, please feel free to share them!

Edit: Other prospective benefits: Other benefits I could foresee from this type of model would be increase in players participating in Fractals, gives players who are sitting on an increasing amount of Pristine Fractal relics another viable and appealing avenue to spend their relics in, and could also be implemented to accept duplicate/excess Fractal weapon skins (if you already have one type of Fractal weapon skin, you could turn it in to the same merchant for the new currency, or exchange it for a different Fractal weapon skin in addition to a few Fractal relics or Pristine Fractal relics).


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