Guild Wars 2 Commander Tag Update

I believe the Commander tag has become an abundant and confusing pile of blue arrows with the introduction of Mega Servers. Just today, I was doing the Modnirr event, and no less that 12 commander tags were spamming my screen.

I feel that a solution for this should be in order: the Commander tier update.

What is it?

This update will ensure that real commanders will stand out. Anyone can buy a commander tag if they acquire enough gold, but not everyone is meant to be followed and listened too. Some commanders aren’t that good is the plain truth. This update will work as a kind of filter.

How does it work?

From the update on, each commander will be right-clickable from the mini-map itself. You can then opt to “Respect” this commander, or “Denounce”. Respecting a commander will make sure that a commander is being aknowledged when an event went good, thanks to the leadership and decision-making of this commander. A respect is unique to a person and can be given daily, so no more than 1 respect a day can be given by any person. Denouncing a commander will remove a Respect point, and will give the commander an idea that it is not doing that good.

Once a commander has achieved a certain amount of Respect, it can choose to update its commander tag.

Keep in mind that the Respect count of a commander will be personal only. For good measure, a commander should be able to see how many Respect and Denounce points it has received on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

What are the upgrades?

Similiar to our tiers, a commander will “tier up” as well. Having received a certain amount of Respect, it can choose wether to tier up or not.

Blue being the Fine tier;
Green being the Masterwork tier;
Yellow being the Rare tier;
Orange being the Exotic tier;
Red being the Ascended tier;
and Purple being the Legendary tier.

I believe that these 6 tiers will give a lot of cheap guild wars 2 gold. Caring in mind that a good general will get the Legendary tier in short notice, while a lesser abled Commander will remain in the confinements of the Fine or Masterwork tier.

What are the negatives?

Well, there are a few negatives.
1) Elitism. This may cause issues, but I feel that a commander with too much ego will get denounced more easily. This will tone down its rank forcably, making sure he or she will think through the reason of this.

2) Favouritism. A fine commander will have a little chance of taking it up to a rare or exotic commander. However, I do believe that for everything there is a time and place. If you notice that a good commander is taking the lead, then perhaps it is a good idea to tone down, see how he is doing, and learning from this. This makes sure that 2 things happen; 1 – the commander that is inferior will learn from the superior one and 2 – less commander tag spam on the map.

Hopefully I’ve been able to convince some of you that this update would be beneficial. Please keep it respectful, and if need be, I’ll update the main post to accomodate to new idea’s or suggestions. Thank you!


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