Engie Strats/tricks In Fotm In Guild Wars 2

Swampland: Super Speed + Rocket boots for running any wisp. Toss Elixir U if you need during bloomhunger, use zerk nades/bombs for mossman.

Aquatic Ruins: Elixir X is really nice if you get whirlpool for the krait. Grenades used to be good underwater but I feel like they nerfed them a while back-haven’t really played underwater in a long time. They were an amazing underwater weapon for a long while though. For the swimming bit, lots of swiftness. For jellyfish, zerk it.

Urban Battlegrounds: This one is just so straightforward. Zerk dps, grenades on the lava buckets. Grenades can pull pretty nicely in the courtyard and kill siege from afar. Can toss Elixir U for walls around corners if you need it.

Uncategorized: Blind the harpies, Elixir U for walls, Zerk the ettin/charr/engi/rabbit, take a battery and grenade range Old Tom, use Tool Kit for the pull during the final raving asura boss fight, and keep up walls with Elixir U. AOE grenade/bomb your stacked golems once you get gw2 gold all together.

Snowblind: Zerk dps, can invis party for fire part if you need, use lots of swiftness, can easily run through the forest, zerk dps final boss.

Molten Furnace: Smash head on keyboard because you just got time gated.

Cliffside: Don’t know, usually just zerk dps but might try your net turret suggestion. With net turret, net turret toolbelt, and rifle 2 you can get three immobilizes. Can also use glue bomb… use blinds on mobs while breaking seals, invis if you need it at times.

Aetherblade: Zerk dps as you work around traps. Walls if you need it.

Volcanic: Engi speed here is OP for running rocks. For the final fight you can use blinds, a wall, glue bomb if you need to get away. If your party is good though you’ll stack mid and aoe dps everything all at once.

Thaumanova Reactor: Zerk dps?

Underground Facility: Zerk dps, can use speed and rocket boots if you want bucket duty.

Maw: Engi OP here if your party wants to AFK.

Molten Boss Fractal: Zerk dps, dodge, walls.

Mai Trin: Don’t want to talk about it, haven’t had the buffed version on the high levels yet so I don’t know what to say.

General trend: Zerk dps, like everyone else, with a bit of added utility options for specialized scenarios. Like everyone else…

There are two massive engi exploits in fractals that have been in game since launch that I have no interest in talking about because I intend to keep using them.


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