Guild Wars 2 Necromancer’s Are Under Powered In The Sense

Guild Wars 2 Fix Underpowered Necromancers please.

Necromancer’s are under powered in the sense that we don’t see any in the top 4 teams of ToL. Instead we see: double warriors/guards/ranger/thief/engi/eles/mez.

The teams that win the tournaments are bunker as we saw with apex and kpex. Kpex being a new team formed ALMOST the same bunker comp as apex and made it to the finals. That just shows how kittened bunker wins.

Lets look at it this way:
Guards : brings good support to team and has decentCC . Tank- has invul skill and 2 blocks with stable and protection.

Warriors: hambow kittening gg – Heavy damage with CC with double endure pain and zerker stance with 8s or w.e stable. Tank

Elementalist : Bunker clerics heal bot – Brings good CC and decent dmg to team while having the utility to drop signet to rez team (Chubbz build)

Ranger : Can be very useful for 1 v 1 fights, spirits still decent, especially the spirit that rez’s and turn the fight around.

Engineer: Prob not as strong as the other above classes. Bring good CC and condi damage lacks condi cleanse, decent for team support. God at soloq though rofl.

Mesmer: I was pretty surprised to see a Mesmer in the top 2 in EU let alone win. Helseth’s build is strong in team support while lacks heavy condi cleanse. He can stand on point and hold it for a while.

Thief – great for mobility, team support in the sense comes to point burst damage leaves.

Necromancer – brings good CC and heavy condi damage if its not being focused.Here is the problem with the class of necro, you can go condi but good teams know which are the weakest targets and atm it’s necros. Necros lack mobility for obvious answer ( anet wants attrition class), downstate is pretty much a double down since single target and long cast time, if you get cheap guild wars 2 gold you’ll be taking in all the damage. At that point its useless to bring a necro when the moiblity is the same as a guard who can do A LOT more for the team or the hambow build.

Necromancer cannot stand on point or they will be taking heavy damage, the other bunker classes can take heavy damage while still being effective to their team. Example bunker ele/hambow these two classes can bring good damage and CC while standing on point and taking in the damage.

Basically in ToL if you are in team fights you are running around trying to dodge to reduce damage, use your warm and spectral walk to get away from the fight. Because most cases you’ll be the first target. So basically doing not much for your team. Other classes atm can do a lot more in team fights, bring good support and burst damage.


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