Confusion Is Great For A Fighting A Gs Mesmer In Guild Wars 2

Playing this and expecting either confusion or burn to be your primary source of damage is very flawed logic. 80% of the damage comes from bleed and torment, they have long duration’s and short cool downs.

Confusion is great for A Fighting a GS mesmer that’s silly easy to interrupt or B stop a telegraphed skill and force reduced skill usage so that they aren’t hitting you as much while the bleed kills them off. Since when does 9 1/2 seconds in SPvP and 12 3/4 wear of quickly, that is an awfully long time if you have 10+ stacks of bleed on you.

Burn is also not the primary damage dealing condition however if used as you see a rapid fire, whirling wrath, 100blades or any other multi hit attack come up you can stack a solid 5-10 seconds of 800 damage a tick burn for free, they are all attacks you should be blocking or dodging anyway so … where is the problem in getting access to free damage for doing something you should be doing anyway.

Take your wvw kitten elsewhere, I was a T2 roamer for a long time before I became a T1 roamer and I know exactly what its like down there.

I just want to say I love this build. I normally play D/D ele and this is completely different. Chaining abilities together as quick as possible to try and combo as ele really made my first couple hours rough with this toon. I found that as long as I take every fight and look at it strictly from a defensive point I have little issues loosing health. I have the opener with swords and as soon as the enemy turns I swap and punish them for making any action. Even if I miss 2 interrupts the CC is still a very big deal and I cant tell you how many times someone has tried to CC me so they could run only to meet a block that ticks burn just enough damage to down gw2 gold.

Your Granddad was a smart guy in what he said. Every game that has ever come out is instantly followed by youtubers who quickly post videos which become “The Meta”. If you play a build outside of that it is pretty much expected that you will get some hate flow your way. The kitten behind posts thrashing builds makes me laugh. Play what is fun…. And I agree that this build is fun… Hate if you must.


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