Zerker Isn’t Everything In Guild Wars 2

Zerker isn’t everything in the game. There’s Cleric and Soldier for power builds vs. bosses/structures that can’t be critically hit, Apothecary and Dire for condi builds, and Knight/Cavalier mix for toughness with slightly lower DPS vs mobs. There are already options for being durable without sacrificing too much damage, but the fundamental problem with Nomad is that it potentially gives up damage for healing and tanking stats in a game that doesn’t reward healing and tanking.

The Giver’s set notwithstanding (given the seasonal crafting material), it was previously near impossible to build something that had absolutely no offensive stat; regardless of how you picked your traits, your gear normally gave you some power, condition, or (if you went for Magi) precision (to proc those on-crit traits and sigils); the Nomad set now allows for someone to create a character who has none of that, which people can easily do if they ignore the fact that GW2 actively discourages the Holy Trinity (massive HP pools that scale, timed events, lack of aggro management mechanics, pool healing power scaling, etc.).

So while it’s true that you’re free to play however you want and that not everybody who goes for Nomad is going to build something that contributes nothing to group events (while still scaling it up), you have to realize the potential is there and that contributes a lot to the negativity toward the stat set. The only thing you can do is play well and prove people wrong.

Though chances are for every one of you, there will be ten others proving them right.


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