Guild Wars 2 New Map Server Mechanics

I would like to open the floor to some discussion on new mechanics for maps. There are a couple of issues that bothers players: Disconnetions and Raid organization.


This is something that nearly all players hate – being on a full map with your friends, and then DCing out. By the time you log back in, your map server slot is taken by someone else. For instance, say you’re with your guild doing the Great Wurm. Your groups are doing well, but all of a sudden, up pops an error message. You try to log back in, and now you’re in a different map server IP. This is beyond frustrating for two reasons. 1) When you DC, you lose your slot, and 2) If you’re not in the map, you’re actually hoping someone DCs so that you have a chance to steal their slot and get in.

The solution to this is a simple idea, but probably a headache to code. All players who disconnect from their map are allowed a short time to reconnect back into the same map. Let’s start with a generous 5 minutes. So upon DCing, the timer starts, and your account is queued on the map server IP, allowing you to reconnect back into your server slot. If you don’t reconnect within the 5 minutes, the slot opens to anyone else wanting to get in. The prerequisite to this would be that you need to error out, and not manually log or switch characters. And the limitations to this would be that you need to log back in on the same character that was DC’d in the first place. If you swap out characters, you automatically lose your queue to get guild wars 2 gold. If I remember correctly, GW1 had a similar mechanic for when I used to HoH. DCing from your group while holding Halls was basically a death sentence for everyone.

Raid Organization

By Dwayna’s skirt, the current mechanics are a pain in the rear to organize with. I fully understand that Megaservers allow for the non-organized players to enjoy content with other players, but us community/raid groups need something to help us stay together. I’ve been against this idea for a while, but after all these months, I’m changing my mind: Sell us private map shards for Gems. Let us rent time for a map, with the map owner being allowed to invite and/or kick players as they see fit. This Shard Consumable needs to be priced high enough so that only the dedicated groups can afford it, and not so low that everyone and their grandmother is spawning new server map IPs. I know that would be taxing on your server system. You could even sell it in tiers: 1 hour, 6 hours, or 24 hours rentals. And after the timer is up, the Private Shard disappears from the server completely.


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