Guild Wars 2 needs to gain new features

You realize has soon as you hit lvl 80 and buy full exotics which are dirt cheap, you can do pretty much any content in this game right?

Theres no type of gear progression or diversity in gw2 lol. You can complete basically anything in this game with any type of stat combo on your gear…this is basically the opposite of progression lol, you are in basically endgame gear once you buy lvl 80 exotics which cost a few guild wars 2 gold a peice.

I enjoy the combat system in gw2 better than wildstar I’ll give you that, but Wildstar has a 100% more diverse system where you can distribute how powerful you want certain skills and you can choose w/e skills you want in a load out where in gw2 I’ve been using the same rotations since release because the choices are mind numblingly simple… GW2 has a more casual friendly approach to their weapons/skill choices but the combat is more fluid here IMO. After 2 years though, its becoming increasingly boring literally doing the same rotations over and over and over because of the lack of build diversity and skill choices.

So much mis-information in this thread. I’ll go ahead and “FIX” this real quick.
1. Archeage is in alpha right now. You can pay 150.00 to get in, get time when its released, along with in game items, coin ect.

2. If you think this game failed/is failing overseas you are delusional. In fact, ALPHA is soo crowded right now they just opened a SECOND server due to land/people issues. Remember, this is from people PAYING a $150.00 to even play right now.

3. non casual play? Um..You can plant your crops, log out, raise your farm, and harvest the stuff whenever. You can set bind points, craft, pvp, merchant, do the AH, raise battle pets, mounts, fly across the sky, pirate…the list goes on and on.

4. The very fact I purchased this game and was in from day 1 first minute log in..after 2 weeks I realized this game is ABSOLUTELY a full step backwards from GW1 and regretted the purchase. (Along with EVERYONE of my friends who have all quit as well)
5. If you think a F2P thats open sandbox is NOT gonna generate at least within the first 6 months of play MORE players than this game you are dead wrong. They may not “stick” but AA will be flooded beyond belief.

6. To the person ranting on TRION for their business methods. Are you kidding me??? I’m no fan of RIFT but I will say without a doubt they have the BEST f2p model out there hands down. Its nowhere near P2W and its very clean and still lets F2P enjoy a solid game experience.

You guys keep sticking around on this sinking ship and telling yourself its “gonna get better”. Its coming up on 2 years now and you really think Anet is making a substantial amount of money of this sinking ship?

Great graphics. is ALL This game ever had. See you in AA if you come on over. If not i’ll catch you when you join open beta around sept/oct. Say hello to my Mother Pearl Pirate ship while I blast you and take your trade goods.


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