Guild Wars 2:The Gates of Maguuma Review

I was a little frustrated at the aspect jumping puzzle thing to get in, and hoped that wasn’t a sign of things to come throughout the whole map. Thankfully it wasn’t.

I was also hoping for more challenge in the story steps, and got guild wars 2 gold. I downed a few times and actually got defeated once which was great! The final battle with Aerin was a little frustrating, but worthwhile once I got him down. I was worried the battle was bugged at one stage, I kept bouncing off his shield, till I realised that I had to target him then all was well.

Story well written and for the most part well voice acted. I thought the Master of Peace was a little creepy. Wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be not all so Peaceful. Aerin was like Canach Jr. When he was running around the Zephyr Sanctum, I felt bad things were going to happen to him, he was too happy, too exuberant. Flipsiding him into this murderous hunter took me by surprise in a good way.

Apart from a few gripes about Kasmeer’s fluctuating abilities (“Thats too far for me to portal” when she had previously portalled twice that distance!) things went well, IMO, giving the player plenty of lead whilst still making it feel like we were in a team.Kasmeer improved for me since I felt she was too ditzy and annoying in LS1. She seems to have come of age a little. Marjory was still the annoying anachronism she was before and as said previously, the forced ’I’d rather be making out with Kas’ vibe was a bit of an irritation.

Taimi is still highly annoying but hey, she’s Asura, so that is part of her design. Whilst I don’t much like her character, she is well voice acted and does the job well. Braham has gotten a personality cell now and is more interesting. Rox really needs to cut down on the uppers, if her eyes get any bigger they will gravitationally attract their own moons.

Belinda… good voice actor, wrong character. Still sounds like a 12yr old on helium, nothing whatsoever like a soldier. Special shout out for Riot Alice. I always liked her, good to see her back. Oh, and I did notice Taimi’s comment for my Engineer on seeing the Steam Minotaur. Might have to play through on other classes to see if each profession has its own subtle customisations.


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