A GvG system that affects WvW positively In Guild Wars 2

However, none of that matters because I have had a epiphany, one that seeks to push the current rather….sad scene of GvG in a better light. AND a solution that also helps ensure there is some compensation for a server to WANT to GvG, to test themselves for the better of their server! Yes, there IS a way to tie both together. This also means my solution will only be applicable with guilds on servers facing one another THAT week. Global GvG is a whole other animal that I am certain we all want.

Let me explain the technical details behind this wonderful system (Best part? Most of the UI for my solution is already in the game here and there, it just needs some adjustments!)

– There is now a new tab under WvW called WvW GvG (Name could be anything, who cares). It opens two kinds of tabs, one for the Guild Leader and/or one with permissions to start a Guild Group in GvG, and one specific for Guild Members without the permission to start things on their own.

– What happens is that at any time during any match-up, a guild leader may activate their Guild as a potential opponent in GvG, so pretty much a checkbox. Upon clicking it, the leader will have to wait until enough of his/her guild’s members go into the ‘WvW GvG’ tab and toggle that they are available to fight and online (Or, Active Members). The Leader will be able to see WHO toggled “Yes I can fight!” and as the Guild list in this GvG tab rises to 10, 15, and 20 active members (Let’s start with those three first), the 10v10 available, 15v15 available, and 20v20 available buttons (Cause those were there at the start, just go with it for now) respectively become active. Think of the interface like a mix of the Guild Roster and the LFG tool.

– Once there is enough members actively saying they are capable of GvGing, the leader can look through any of the lists he has enough active members for and see the opponent, and then try to ‘challenge’ them. …So pretty much a button appears saying ‘challenge’ and the leader can click it. Once clicked, the representative (Person who made their guild able to GvG in the queue) of the guild chosen as an opponent, who was shown to be available, will get a pop-up seeing a CHALLENGE! He/She can choose to accept, decline or ignore over the course of the next few minutes, time given in case of AFK. Ignore means that for the rest of the remaining match-up, neither guild will see each other. Decline will simply refuse the challenge, but both sides will see one another. And accept…accept is where the MAGIC happens!

– When one guild challenges another and the other guild accepts, a GvG pop-up appears for ALL members actively saying they are good to GvG, much like a PvP queue! The faster you get in, the more time you will have to figure out the strategy. In this case, both guilds get put into an entirely new instance of Obsidian Sanctum where NO one can intervene! If during both the acceptance and preparation stage there are disconnecting active players, there will be a small grace period where the acting leader can decide their guild can’t fight. In which case both sides will leave the arena unfortunately.


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