Guild Wars 2 Zephyrite Jumping Skills

I have always had a problem with jumping in games,(I can’t jump) and and find it extremely unfair that so much GW2 content is tied to jumping. Now I find out that the Living Story Season 2 is going to force me to have to use all the Zephyrite jumping skills? That is just terribly unfair.

Then please let me clarify my position, so there won’t be further confusion.My original post first stated my dissatisfaction with the amount of jumping in the game.(Not in line with the flavor of a high fantasy MMO, in my opinion.) But mostly jumping is not required to progress in the game, so that isn’t such a big issue.

The second part of my original post expressed dissatisfaction with the use of the Zephyrite skills, which I find awkward to use.(on top of the fact that jumping is hard for me) I think that they clutter up the game mechanics, and are made needlessly difficult by an arbitrary time out, and the fact that they block your weapons skills. If you want us to temporarily replace one of our skills on the skill bar, that wouldn’t be as bad.(IMO) In fact, GW1 did this on several occasions. The fact that these Zephyrite skills are required to participate in Living Story is a sore point for guild wars 2 gold. And I find the intrusion of platformer game type stuff into a high fantasy MMO distasteful, needlessly complicated, and against the spirit and flavor of a high fantasy game. This isn’t what I expected when I bought a high fantasy MMO, based(supposedly) on Guild Wars.(Which did not use jumping as a game mechanic. – It was an emote.) So I really don’t want to have to be required use these new, awkward, tacked-on skills to progress in what I consider to be a mainstream part of the game.(Living Story)

If you like and enjoy the Zephyrite skills, great. But I would rather they please use them for jumping puzzles, or special achievements, or other non-required content.(Most certainly not as a required activity to progress in the Living Story.)


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