Guild Wars 2 Combat Need Improvement

However, this isn’t the same as me saying there aren’t flaws. I just feel what you’re stating as flaws aren’t actually inherently flaws.

Firstly, there are some mechanics that need improvement:

  • Defiant – Needs to be changed so control is viable, but doesn’t allow for players to simply stunlock. Maybe have it not trigger if you interrupt, or have it decay over time.
  • Conditions – Not so much an issue in dungeons with an organised group as in the open-world, and too effective in PvP.
  • Boss attacks – more frequent, smaller hits, less big, one-shots.

Secondly, speaking from a PvE aspect, I don’t think it’s so much the fault as letting players build dedicated roles, as encounter design doesn’t utilise the depth that is there.

For example, we have control, boons, condition removal, conditions, damage, fields, traits to strengthen these aspects and so on.

However, most encounters a) either focus on damage or b) have mechanics that can be brute-forced through sheer damage.

The CoF effigy fight, in my eyes, is a good example.

You have 2 roles: destroying crystals and damaging the boss. Even if they’re more focused on the damage end, it’s still two roles (that is, your purpose in a fight). You still rely on the player to do their role properly.

However, one of them mechanics (destroying crystals) can simply be ignored through sheer damage (eased along with an unhealthy dose of Poison).

Now, say we tweaked this mechanic so:

  • Alongside the (boosted) regen, the crystals also provide stacking damage + condition reduction.
  • Destroying crystals applies a stacking Dot and Vulnerability to the player
  • Bigger crystals occasionally spawn, that if the Effigy consumes it, it gains a barrier.

So, instead of just the damage aspect, we also have:

  • Control – Stopping the effigy from going by the big crystal.
  • Awareness of party members – knowing when to swap.

Then, for players to fully utilise their toolset, have encounters with a variety of mechanics. Maybe the boss before applies Burning and Bleeding frequently, meaning Condition Removal is needed.


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