Guild Wars 2 Build For Leveling A New Necromancer?

I’ve decided to play as a Necro as I really enjoy their gameplay and used the lv20 scroll to get it to lv20. I still can’t find a good build just for leveling or general PvE.All the builds people post seem to be for players that are already lv80 and for PvP.

I suggest:
— Try all the weapons, unlock all their skills and get used to how they work, individually and in combination. This also counts for Death Shroud — it can either be a lifesaving emergency measure, or the focus of a build. (Look at a wiki because you won’t really have time to read skill tooltips while in DS.)

— Make sure to try the different ground targeting settings — you’ll probably be better off with one of the faster ones than the default.

— Decide whether to go for power or condition damage. In PVE solo content, you can make either one work. For dungeons and group stuff, power is definitely better.
— However, just because you happen to choose power doesn’t mean conditions aren’t useful or that condition weapons should be avoided. Whatever works! I personally love the staff as a secondary weapon.

— With the current state of minion AI as it is, and recent trait changes, Minion Master builds are not so great for leveling. The flesh golem elite skill is probably the best for leveling though, even though half the time he’ll stand around doing nothing.

— Signet of the Locust (always on passive) is essential for leveling. Running faster is always good. You can swap it out before a tough fight, but most of the time I just leave it on anyway. Definitely try Well of Suffering, Blood Is Power, and (especially if going for conditions) Epidemic. Others are situational; I like Spectral Grab to interrupt or to pull single enemies closer to melee them while also generating life force. After a few skills you should have a pretty good idea of what’s most useful for you. As far as healing skills go, Consume Conditions seems best.


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