IMO best gear should come with content progression

Lets be honest, if you have tons of gold you can get your craft to 500 in day 1 and then you can also make your weapon the same day if you buy the ingots and planks from TP which are time gated but trade able. The only problem is crystal which can easily be farmed in 1 day or 2 days most.

IMO best gear should come with content progression. Seriously, nothing you need to do for getting ascended weapon is skill related, its either extreme luck or mindless grinding like cutting down trees over 5+ characters a day or killing some champions over and over. And whats the point of getting the better gear when the content is almost the same as it was at the day of its release? The only difference it makes is that Fractals 40-49 are now face roll and 50+ are available for average players which were already doable before with some tricks.

This is extremely poor design, make some new harder dungeons first which are much more challenging and drops/give ascended weapons rather then letting us “Buy” ascended weapons and forcing more casual players into buying Gems.

I am not a casual player, I play 2-3 hours daily sometimes more and my current best personal lvl on fractals is 45 but I never farm for gold. I did all of scarlet maps only once for achievement and never went back to do that again. Seriously whats the point in it? I would rather play some other game or go out with my friends and watch a movie rather then sitting killing champions all day with possibly less then 10 frames because of 300+ players there. I have about 200g at me rightnow but I am sure as hell not spending it all to level 1 profession from 400-500. This is for people who either have 1k+ gold, have no problem buying gems and then convert them to cheap guild wars 2 gold or sit here all day farming mats/champions.


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