Need legendary crafting tips in Guild Wars 2

Go for Gift of Mastery first. This is the gift that can’t be bought with cheap guild wars 2 gold. Then work on your mystic clovers. This will take a lot of karma and a lot of skill points.

I would also advise early on to start running Ascalonian Catacombs and Twilight Arbor (forward and up). You only need to do 8 explorable runs of AC, but if you enjoy it the money is good and you might find it more enjoyable than farming. Twilight Arbor you don’t need to do at all, but you get the occasional obsidian core and lodestone drop, which will be useful.

Keep an eye out for the golem mark 2 world boss event. Near that event is a rich platinum vein. You will need 1,000 platinum ore for your gift of metal, so don’t let an opportunity to mine it go by.

Mainly, keep accumulating gold and keep track of what you need. Aside from the precursor hold off on buying anything from the trading post until the end because you want to use as many drops as you can to craft your legendary. There is no point buying 100 hardened leather 2 months before you’ll be able to get your gift of fortune, because a whole lot of leather will drop for you in that time.


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