Making gold is a side effect of playing guild wars 2.

Making gold is a side effect of playing the game. I have 14 slots, about half of them bought by converting gold to gems, along with several bank slots I got the same way. I have spent hundreds of gold just levelling alts through crafting because I didn’t feel like running through the starting areas 20 times.

You get most of your gw2 gold from selling stuff. If you play every day, and harvest every node you can conveniently reach, cleaning out your collectibles vault once a week will probably be worth around 10 gold. The prices went up this month because of the LS bazaar, so maybe more right now.

Keep selling mats as you play. Some low-tier crafting mats are worth as much as high tier mats, in fact, probably because many people use them for levelling alts. They sell fast and an extra gold or two a day adds up over time.

Even salvage items like bits of cloth and metal sell well, the last two months the monthly achievements included salvaging 500 items. The prices for the unsalvaged bits can be higher than the value of the mats you get if you break them.

The meta-events around the starting areas are boring, but easy to do. The blues and greens cover wp costs and you get at least one rare per event. Do the four around the starting areas and the three dragons and you’ll make around 2-3 gold a day, more when an exotic drops instead of a rare. Bring your MF gear, there’ll be plenty of other players there and little danger of dying.

It’s not as much money as running COF all day, but I don’t care for the leet players with their zerker warriors and getting kicked for being ten seconds too slow. It’s slow but steady income, I don’t keep track of my drops but even without the Dusk I sold a while back I’ve made and spent over a thousand gold, easily.


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