How to Make Gold In Guild Wars 2 ?

I play the game for fun. How I achieve my fun is through interaction with people, kicking butt in dungeons, and making boat loads of money.

I learned how to run every dungeon in the game minus arah (not my fav place) with friends when I first started playing. I’ve made many friends from the game. Some have quit some still play and I make new friends all the time in game. As for money, the game gives you so many avenues of money I’m still surprised that most people who have been playing for over a year don’t have a stockpile of gold or a legendary.

Anet is very predicable on how their patch cycles will work and how to make the most money from it. Even if you don’t realize anet is basically giving you free gold most every patch, the game content provides enough instances to make gold that you should never be short. From dungeons to world events to gathering to crafting, Anet opened up these avenues. All it takes to discover how to make cheap giuld wars 2 gold is to look beyond on the cover. What do people use all day? what do people like to buy? what don’t people ever want to do so they’ll be instead? etc. ask questions that you’d ask as a casual/hardcore player and the game will give you answers on how to make money.

1. Dungeons. Get good and get into a good group that can clear them fast. You can also use the dungeon tokens to make money. For high level dungeons you can purchase rares and salvage for ecto. For low level dungeons I buy exotics and either throw them in the forge for chance at precursor or salvage. Bonus: you get lots of weapon skins.
2. Farm Orr events with high magic find.
3. Buy event skins and then flip a few months later for a good profit
4. Lots of other Trading Post strategies that can also work
5. Buy gems and convert to gold


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